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Swiss artist Britta Dietsche has been developing her personal style over the last 30 years. Her passion for new media, digital artwork and photography merges in her Collages, which all represent elements of contemporary society. The representation of women in current media is often a subject of the artists work, as well as time and different temporalities. Britta lives with her husband and her two children in Switzerland.

I’m a nomad. At least on the inside and at night, when I create my collages. I’m dealing with intimacy, wanderlust and (un)natural beauty. I cut out illustrations, photographs and advertisements of magazines and combine them with digital objects and patterns. What comes out of it is called Digital Collage.

For 30 years I express my many ideas through collages. I use dots and wavy lines and play with light and color to guide the observers' point of view. This creates an interaction between the observer and the picture, that can release desires and dreams. How do we view something and why? That fascinates me.

I always work in series, whereby each work has its own effect and yet interacts with the row. I often blend different time levels in the collages. Women are a recurring motif too. The collages question the portrayal of femininity in the media since the women depicted originate from journals.

I’m characterized by thirst for adventure, melancholy and curiosity. I have no roots, I could travel anytime. What keeps me here, are my husband and our two sons with whom I live in the Zurich area.

I use a high quality process called Digigraphie® to produce my artwork. All Fine Art Prints are numbered, authenticated and signed.

With Digigraphie i utilize the very latest advances in digital technology, whilst being assured of the highest standards of digital art reproduction. Famous artists and well known museums are using Digigraphie to produce artwork.

The creation of the Digigraphie® label is relatively recent. It was officially launched on 13th November 2003. But its practice is much older. For several years, photographers, sculptors and painters, as well as service providers (photo laboratories and lithographic studios), have been using the technology of Epson printers to produce prints on art paper. This in turn has opened the doors to a new discipline: the digital reproduction of a work of art.

Read more on the official Digigraphie® Website

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